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Green Ship Recycling

Wirana understands that ship recycling carries a great responsibility of protecting environment as well as people who work to dismantle the ship. As a Cash Buyer, Wirana has been continuously encouraging and guiding the shipping yards to improve recycling standards to meet the most stringent requirements for green recycling for major ship owners like Stolt Nielsen, MOL, NYK, K-Line, Odjfell, Jo Tankers, Bergessen, Gear Bulk HoeghAutoliners. Wirana is very well placed in experience and resources to offer green ship recycling in China, Turkey and India.

Wirana’s commitment to green recycling is demonstrated by the fact that R L Kalthia Ship Breaking Yard, commercially, a Wirana group company (not legally), is among the first yards in Indian Sub-Continent to get a Hong Kong Convention (HKC) Compliance Certificate for safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships. The HKC certification has been possible with great efforts for a number of years along with investments to upgrade the yard. This would not be possible without vision and commitment to responsible ship recycling. Please visit http://www.kalthiashipbreaking.com/ for full details on its HKC complaint yard.

Knowing the importance of green recycling and responsibility it places on ship owners to recycle their ships & ship demolition in a safe and environmentally sound method, Wirana has stepped up its role by offering a green recycling program to ship owners that is compliant with HKC as well as with applicable national regulations. Wirana has an in-house green recycling coordinator to ensure that ship owners can be assured of complying with their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships without dedicating their whole time and attention on the ship being recycled at that point in time. Besides ensuring that our green yards meet up workers safety and training requirements (ILO requirements), our green recycling coordinator follows up the green ship recycling process from the time ship is purchased by Wirana till end of recycling & ship demolition process. Process mainly consists of following steps:

  1. Ensure Receipt and checking of Inventory of Hazardous Materials by yard.
  2. Receives Ship Recycling Plan from yard and coordinates with ship owner.
  3. Monitor Safety & Preparations for receiving the ship for recycling.
  4. Monitor & ensure methodical dismantling of ship as per HKC requirements including identification and safe disposal of hazardous materials.
  5. Submission of Ship Recycling Progress Report on periodic basis, which gives details of procedures followed by the yard.
  6. Detailed Report on Completion of Ship Recycling.

Wirana has provided major stock-listed owners with proper guidance and recycling solutions in accordance with Hong Kong Convention and European Union Ship Recycling Regulations for their tonnages at Chinese, Turkish and Indian shipping yards. Besides encouraging yards for green recycling, Wirana has been sponsoring and speaking at conferences that promote green recycling.

At the same time, Wirana continues to work with Classification Society and Independent Experts, whose services are being recommended to yards for improving their processing standards.

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