Wirana has become known for Performance, Integrity and Quality


Wirana negotiates between 100-150 vessels annually. Till date Wirana has done more than 2200 vessels with more than 75 MDWT perhaps producing industry records. Wirana has been mentioned twice in the Guinness Book of World Records for the purchase of the largest vessels sold for recycling, at those times. In 2002, we purchased ULCC Kapetan Michalis (516,423 DWT) and in 2003, we improved our own record by purchasing the ULCC Sea Giant (555,051 DWT). Wirana has the distinction of delivering in excess of 24 ships in one month successfully in all the five major ship-recycling markets and is a one-stop shop for recycling options in these markets, namely – India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China (North and South) and Turkey. Wirana has successfully negotiated:

  1. Excess 325Tankers
  2. 5 ULCCs
  3. 50  VLCCs
  4. Excess 150 Container vessels
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