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Wirana Markets: China

Ship recycling takes place in North (Shanghai) and South China (Xin Hui area).

  • China does not practice beaching method of recycling.
  • The Chinese recyclers use pier-side or dry dock facilities to conduct the recycling operations.
  • China has 80-90 yards performing ship recycling.
  • China’s shipping yards are well equipped to perform green recycling.
  • The capacity in China is very elastic as a lot of repair yards can double as recycling yards, though they may not have the experience and the know-how. The sellers, however, need to be aware of draft restrictions that may affect the delivery of the ship.
  • Some yards in China have good and modern equipment. These yards are well-equipped to perform green recycling and are used by Owners who need their vessels to be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Moreover, they are also preferred by some Owners as they are less ‘’controversial’’ since they don’t practice the beaching method.
  • Chinese yards traditionally pay a lot lesser than the Indian sub-continent. China government gives an incentive to Chinese flagged vessels recycled in China if certain conditions are fulfilled. The incentive is available at least till end of 2015.


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